Zimbos in SA join forces calling off Xenophobia

A number of Zimbabwean celebrities living in South Africa have spoken out against xenophobic attacks which have been ongoing in South Africa.
Among the crop is Warriors midfielder Khama Billiat who wrote;
“The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked, those who love violence, he hates with a passion Psalm 11:5 #inGodwetrust #SayNoToXenophobia #africaweareone” 
MTV presenter Kim Jayde also registered her displeasure by denouncing the xenophobic and gender-based attacks.
“I am BOTH an IMMIGRANT & a WOMAN living in South Africa! Watching the attacks on mostly Zimbabwean & Nigerian people, my brothers and sisters BREAKS MY HEART! Many of us immigrants and "foreigners" came to SA leaving behind our homes, family & friends to seek an education, a job, a better life. We are honest, hard working people that contribute positively to the economy & pay our taxes.
"And for that we are being beaten, murdered & our bodies burnt - these attacks did not just start now- it HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR YEARS! When will our leaders step in?! Now is NOT the time to point fingers at each other - it is time to link ARM IN ARM AS AFRICANS! WE ARE STRONGER T0GETHER!”
Kim is a Zimbabwean born star based in SA and is currently on a tour in America (New York City), the Zimbabwean-born star.
Berita Khumalo (musician)

Ma Afrika bambanani 
Breaking for my brothers and sisters in this tug of war. I know tweeting is not enough. what should I do? I know Music is the answer,” she wrote.

Peter Ndoro (broadcaster)
SABC News anchor, Peter Ndoro weighed in his views on the attacks.
There were also joined by several other musicians such as South Africa’s AKA, Tiwa Savage, Davido and others across the continent who called for South Africans to embrace a brotherly spirit and end the Xenophobia.


Written by:
ZIMBOlebs Team