Vimbai Zimuto Releases Video For Ziso Rekona

She goes back to the traditional ways of asking for love.

By  | May 22, 2020, 03:28 PM

Songstress and dancer Vimbai delivers stunning visuals for her latest song ‘Ziso Rekona’ that first premiered on ‘Coke On The Beat’. Her upbeat ‘Mbira’ inspired music video talks about the ancient way of dating. The old tradition of men asking the women to be their companions, even though times have changed where it is no longer the norm to do so, but she takes fans to that era where ‘everything was simple’.

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Although she is based in the Netherlands, she came back to Zimbabwe to shoot her music video. The multi-talented actress, choreographer of traditional and modern dance says that her song is inspired by culture, it makes sense for the songstress to come back to her roots and give the video the substance that it needs.

On the set for Ziso Rekona

She reckons that with introduction of social media and technology, the typical ways of finding love are forgotten. With the video she wanted people to reflect on the Zimbabwean culture before it was marred with the outsider’s ways. 

She recently shared the stage with Ammara Brown for the 'Braai Out Zimbabwe' along with Hillzy and many others. Her energy and stage presence makes her one of the best performers this country has seen.

She gained her controversial status when she posted nude pictures of herself and was attacked by people on the internet. She defended herself by saying it was a ‘display of pure art.’ Of course with hate comes positivity when some defended her and praised her bravery.

The video is available on YouTube.

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