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Zimbabwean Hip hop emerged in the early 1990s. Trap Music is its most popular subgenre. Some prominent Zim hip hop artists include:

Kikky Badass and Crooger  

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From 2021, Kikky Badass and Crooger have collaborated on several projects that they ended up being dubbed hip hop’s hottest duo. The pair has been consistently releasing viral videos for the limelight. The collaborations have been the talk of town in the entertainment and Hip Hop sector. They have a reputation of leaving impactful Nash TV appearances.

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Dough Major  

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Dough Major is a rapper and co-founder of the Roman Rap Studio. He is known for introducing the sound now known as Shebeen Rap which is a genius blend of hip-hop, Kwaito and House music. Using this backdrop, Dough Major dropped his first album Shebeen Rap Papa. It is a 24 track album that fans loved and even got a Zim Hip Hop award nomination for best album.

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Union 5 rebranded to Suhn and came back even bigger. The Zim hip hop artist, producer and songwriter has seen a meteoric rise in his career. He got signed by an international label mainly because he displays top tier lyricism. Two of his songs Twenties and Magielas are bangers and are making waves on the local radio scene.  The Rapper has collaborated with artists like RayKaz, Young Serruno and Lucas Raps.

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Holy Ten  

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What is Zim hip hop without Holy Ten? His Album Risky Life became the most streamed Zim Hip Hop albums of all time in 2021. The rapper, songwriter and producer has collaborated with other popular artists like Takura and ProBeatz.

On 19 June 2021, Holy Ten revolutionised the scene after releasing the song Violence which overshadowed even Zimdancehall artist Enzo Ishall.

It turned into a cultural frenzy and almost every artist made a Hip Hop song. Holy Ten has pioneered a new record label called Samanyanga records that has signed sensations like Saint Flow.

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Indigo Saint

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Indigo Saint’s lyricism proved unbeaten in Zimbabwean hip-hop when the rapper posted an incessant, awe-inspiring 5-minute freestyle on Social Media. He released his birthday EP, “22 April” and had a successful season in the NFT.  Indigo Saint came back rapping over the beat of Souls Of Mischief “93 ‘Til Infinity and this was undoubtedly Zim Hip Hop at its best. The Cottage 47 head has definitely represented Hip Hop in all aspects.

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Voltz JT

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Zim Hip Hop’s 2021 break out star Voltz JT is one of the lockdown discoveries. The bold 22-year-old Hip Hop artist is from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. He has been wowing fans this year with his unique jecha trap sound.

His single These Days, went viral earlier this year for its bold social commentary while also popularising the jecha Drill sound. Voltz then released the hit Nyaya Dze Mari that talks about how money causes separation between friends.

He then collaborated with Holy Ten on How Far, which questions the lengths people are willing to go to achieve success. Recently the young artist released, Muranda Achaita King which discusses how a servant will rise to become a king. The hits go on and on making him a super star.

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