Mudiwa Hood Continues To Support Black Owned Businesses

Talk about paying it forward!

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Mudiwa Hood might outspoken about a lot of things , but his recent posts have been focused on uplifting other Black Owned Businesses rather than chasing a trend through a social media fight.

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The first of his posts endorsing Black Owned Businesses was the promotion of a fine artist that had painted a mural of him. Tawanda Madhonera had initially taken to Instagram and shared that he had painted the mural in question.  Tawanda used pastels for the mural, and without even tagging Mudiwa, he found out about the painting and commissioned Tawanda to have the painting. 

The two posed together when Tawanda was handing over the gift. In his caption Mudiwa wrote that, “Help me celebrate this talent. The young man (that) presented (me with) this painting; (this) great art work to me and (I) appreciated his effort. Please support him.”
It might have been the overwhelming response or just the feeling of doing good for others, but Mudiwa continued using his profile to endorse more Black Owned Business. This time around he was endorsing his personal barber, who he forgets to tag on each post he shares. 

The first post shared details about their relationship and how often he comes to Mudiwa’s home to make sure his hair is always on point. In retelling the story Mudiwa wrote that, “I pay $25 for my hair and shave (which is done) in the comfort of my house twice a week. That’s $50 a week, making it $200USD every month. I pay for the extras he brings like the “polish” (that) you laugh at.”

He went on to add that, “I have been voted and named best dressed male and trendsetter in Zimbabwe for 5 years, I know how to look presentable. Nwae my issue is- Yes, things are hard but my barber makes $20k rtgs on one head per month. What is your excuse?”
His most recent post was to continue endorsing his barber. However the attest post was done because of the additional “incentives” that Mudiwa received. In the picture, Mudiwa is holding a glass of juice and uses his caption to explain that, “Today my barber had to bring extras saying my posts (brought) him more clients. Imagine if we all supported each other this way. Let us celebrate each other’s talents.”
We are not sure if Mudiwa had to pay for the “extras” with more than just the post, but it is encouraging to see the star use his platform to uplift growing Black Owned enterprises.

Image credit: Instagram @mudiwahood
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