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Haru Mutasa: Giving Her Voice to the Broken

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There is little else that can be reported on Haru Mutasa’s personal life, as she has kept it all under tight wraps and veers away from media attention when it comes to her life.  

However, the work that she has done thus far, of which some might say is somewhat dangerous,  is quite commendable making her someone of interest to the general populace. 

Here's a look at Haru Mutasa's biography

Haru Mutasa Family

Harugumi Rocabella Mutasa, known has Haru Mutasa, is a Zimbabwean Broadcast Journalist, born and raised in Africa. She was born on February 13th, and is the eldest of three siblings. She has two sisters, Mai Mutasa and Mure Muzenda and is also a proud aunt of 2 nephews and a niece.
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Haru Mutasa Education

Haru Mutasa attended Dominican Convent High School in Harare, Zimbabwe and studied at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. She is currently working as a field correspondent for Al Jazeera English, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Haru Mutasa Career

Haru Mutasa began her career working for the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Based in Harare, Zimbabwe and while working for SABC, she also worked for STAR Sports network and produced stories about her country, Zimbabwe for CNN, Television New Zealand (TVNZ) and Associated Press Television News (APTN).
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Haru Matusa has previously worked in East and West Africa with the bureau based in Nairobi and additionally she has covered stories from all across Africa. Aside from her news correspondence career, Haru Mutasa also hosts studio based interview-programmes.
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Haru Mutasa Awards

Haru Mutasa was nominated for the “Young Journalist of the Year” award at the prestigious Royal Television Society (RTS) in 2006/2007.

Haru Mutasa Television

Haru Mutasa is a Broadcast Journalist who brings awareness to some of the most serious humanitarian crisis around Africa taking it to the world.
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Over the years some of her better known reports include the:

Zimbabwe inflation: Governement trying to head off mass strikes Jul 14, 2019;

Updates from Juba on attempts to end the violence in South Sudan Dec 21, 2013,
it was said to be one of the most memorable days of her career as she reported live from Juba;

the Mozambique army assault Oct 27, 2013; Nigerian fuel strike deal Jan 16, 2012;
Looking for a better life in South Africa Jul 18, 2007.

Some of her latest televised news reports include:

the Zimbabwean Doctors strike, where Zimbabwean doctors rallied over the alleged abductions and protest against the abduction of their union leader;

the Abductions of dozens of Zimbabwean protest leaders and activists
Haru Mutasa interviewed one of the victims of an abduction. “Obert Masaraure, who runs a teachers union told Al Jazeera he was also abducted 3 months ago, taken to a secluded area and beaten, for organizing a teachers’ strike over pay. Activists say dozens of protesters have been abducted since January.” 
Haru Mutasa reported;

former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe’s burial. Mutasa reported that the former president Robert Mugabe had a very subdued send off very unlike the large crowds he attracted while in Presidential Office.
“The body of Zimbabwe’s late former President Robert Mugabe has been buried in his rural village of Kutama after weeks of wrangling between his family and the governement over his final resting place.” reported Mutasa

Haru Mutasa Controversy

Haru Mutasa announced on the 15th October 2019 that she would be leaving the social media platform of twitter due to what she alledged to be cyber bullying. “Off twitter hopefully for a while … tired of meeting pple who can’t be open minded, respect different opinions without insulting you. At the end of the day your personal life and family is what matters. Happy to leave. It was time” said Mutasa in a tweet

Mutasa said that in the months preceding her decision to leave twitter, she had received a number of insults and negative feedback from the public.

One of her tweets read, “The usual European Award ceremonies awards happen … as white British or American journos win, us Africans who risk our lives here are not recognised,” 
Mutasa then received blacklash in the comments responding to her tweet, one of which read, ‘If they are European awards and African win, I would be appalled for it would be unfair to European journos. I would however be interested to know how many Europeans ever won in our African journalist awards. Why we Africans feel entitled to be recognized by Europeans’

Another read, ‘is it me or are you always complaining about something’

This was followed by her announcement that she was leaving Twitter for a while due to the fact that she felt she had become a victim of abuse on the platform.

In another controversial story, Haru Mutasa reported to have been denied a visa to the United Kingdom as they did not know if she would return home. 
“Visa Denied… cause they don’t know if I will come back home to Africa ... wow …”, said Mutasa

Ministry Secretary Nick Mangwana stated that Zimbabwe is not denying visas to any foreign journalists and called on the UK to grant Haru Mutasa a visa. 

On Twitter Mangwana said, “In the 2nd Republic our default has always been to clear foreign journalists to practice their trade in our country, not withstanding that some of the reportage we received is deliberately unfair and dishonest. We hope the same courtsesy will be afforded to our own professionals.” 
Ndabaningi Nick Mangwana is a politician, political analyst, permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and publicity and a member of Zanu-PF.
He was the chairperson of Zanu-PF UK chapter and was popular with his column view from the diaspora.

Haru Mutasa Networth

Haru Mutasa has an estimated networth of over 1 million dollars which has been attributed to her success as a broadcast journalist and news correspondent. 

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