5 Reasons To Love Chi Mhende

Her profusion of talent is undeniable

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Her ability to captivate millions with a single, or two roles in a television soapie, made this gorgeous woman a household name both locally and in South Africa, spreading to the whole continent. 


Her stage presence is one that never goes unnoticed. She first started off as Lady Capulet in an Artscape production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Chi then continued displaying her talent on stage plays including ‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ by JM Coetzee's, ‘The Quiet Violence of Dreams’ by K. Sello Duiker's and she also performed in Taming of the Shrew at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival in July 2012. 

She has voiced ‘Siyaya’ and Al Jazeera's health series ‘Lifelines’.

Her list does not end there, Chi also has a history of film and television appearances including shows like Love the One You Love, The Tunnel Stokvel 6, Evil in Our Midst and Mad Dogs 3. Her breakthrough being ‘Generations the Legacy’

Dream Chaser 

Mhende was born and raised in Zimbabwe, but she moved to Cape Town in the year 2006 to pursue her dreams of acting. She studied at AFDA- the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and live Performance. 

Her bravery  

Her bravery and true talent were noticed during her change of characters when she played a male figure who then transcended to becoming a trans gender woman.

Her artistry had inspired people from all over embrace their true selves and come out. Her character helped tell the story of the constant victimisation of trans gender people. She played the characters so well and mad her an instant household name.

She also then spoke about being raped as a child. Not many people in the spotlight have the courage to speak out about their most personal challenges they faced as a child, but her bravery is one to be celebrated. 

Telling her truth was inspired by the role she played in Generations The Legacy as she transformed from a male to female role. That gave her the courage to come out and speak out. 

“I have been through difficult times with my body. I was sexually abused as a child. This is the first time I’ve ever spoken about it but I felt that coming full circle on something that I had done that gave a lot of power and courage to people who came to me every day to say this has been my life and this has been my body.” She said during an interview at Afternoon Express. 

Her Beauty 

She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and authentic African women out there. Her being active on social media and flashing her beauty and talent all over makes her one of the most followed Zimbabweans to date. 

Not to forget her motivational messages she posts every chance she gets. Her beauty in and out in undeniable. 

Chi Mhende

An Inspiration 

She has undoubtedly inspired a lot of people through her acting and made people fall in love with themselves despite the negativity brought by themselves and society as a whole. 

Her onscreen presence is memorable and surprisingly enough, Wandile and Wandi are still one of the most talked about characters even after Wandile’s departure from Generations. 

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