Tehn Diamond Is Sizzling Hot!

It is always advisable to stay healthy and lose excess body fat but the journey is never easy. As if to motivate folks, A-List rapper Tehn Diamond took to Twitter to show off his well shaped body.

He posted two magnificent pictures and captioned them with a message of self love.


He wrote, "F*** it! Crushing on myself because progress, self-love and a little attention never hurt the healthy ego.  take the body of my 20’s into my 40’s now now.  gift wrapping under construction."

He even took time to advise some of his followers who wanted help on how to keep disciplined in the subject of workouts.

 @makszw asked, "Ok man, I need help here, How are you in such a shape? What are your workout routines? What's your diet? Please man, I wanna know everything."

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Tehn did not hesitate to offer help by replying, "I train at home. I have a pull-up bar and dumbbells. I train every single day. Each week I set a new target for minimum reps to hit each day. The rest is explained below (pictures which he tweeted along with this message) I think. The main thing for me is consistency over intensity. In the past have rest days threw me off."

It is always good for artists to be advocates of healthy habits at a time where most people are losing their lives due to unhealthy habits. Notable diseases which can tragically end lives include heart diseases, diabetes and blood pressure.

Tehn Diamond's little tweet could actually go a long way in saving many lives.

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Main Image Credit: Facebook.com

Written by:
Linda Dulani