Strive Masiyiwa Sells Kwese TV?

When a business venture is stalling or seems to have lost cause, some people just know when to let go but some hold on until the venture crumbles. Kwese TV DTH service seems to have been that venture which was facing a humiliating crumble which would have potentially soiled the reputation of its highly esteemed owner. In a not so shocking move, Zimbabwean billionaire, Strive Masiyiwa appears to have sold Kwese TV to an unnamed Chinese company. 

Ever since Strive Masiyiwa launches his DTH service, Kwese TV, it has been like that problem child which he would tell all the relatives that is doing well when in actual fact the same child was chronically ill. The TV service has moved from cutting down channels to pulling plugs on mega deals in just a space of two years and Zimbolebs seems to have established that the owner has had enough and has finally thrown in the towel.

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A highly placed source within Kwese said that Strive Masiyiwa had blocked a deal which was potentially giving Kwese 13 channels at a very low cost of USD150k but he pulled out in the last minute to make room for the transfer of hands to sail through.

The source said, "Everyone (Kwese board) wanted to go with premium free channels first. Then later re-add the exclusives they had but when Strive saw the budget which was close to 500 thousand dollars, he pulled out. Premium free channels cost them 150k a year. Cheapest ever, all 13 channels. Yet he pulled out."

The Kwese reboot system has been stopped too. 

Kwese CEO, Joe Hunda, seems to have confirmed that they were letting go of Kwese when he posted on his Instagram tagging all Kwese platforms and some of his Kwese ten members.

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He posted his on quote which reads, "Sometimes when things don't go your way, the universe is trying to show you a new path. Sometimes when you weep, joy is on its way. Sometimes when you are stressed and everything seems to be going wrong, the universe is building resilience. Sometimes when you have lost, you have actually won. Just keep your head up and be patient."


Strive Masiyiwa also confirmed his visit to the far East on his Facebook account when he was giving his business schedule in March.

He said, "Today we are in Kampala, tomorrow we do do Nairobi. Gaborone is slated for the beginning of April. I have secured a VIP and some special guests for Gabs. We are looking at Eswatini please tell the PM, I am finally coming to the kingdom. Next week I am in Japan and China."

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The Kwese team actually documented that in the last financial year they de-emphasised the DTH service and in this financial year they were going to sell or close down the service. 

Connecting the dots, the sell seems to have finally sailed through although the new owner remains a mystery.

As the DTH service seems to have escaped from Masiyiwa's hands, he still has the free to air services and the mobile TV platform Kwese iflix. The mogul is a sacred name in communications. Although the TV business seems to have failed, he can rest his head and count his many other blessings.

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