Mudiwa Hood Pens Touching Letter To His Son

This after his failed Zimbabwean men do not cheat suggestion.

By  | Oct 04, 2020, 04:16 PM  | Relationships

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Mudiwa Hood might be a lot of things, but his latest post on Instagram has made sure that one thing that cannot be disputed is that he is a good father and is trying to set a good example for his son.

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His Instagram page had faced a tiny little setback when he took to social media to make a contradictory statement that had his female following foaming, or just plain out laughing at him for making. The leading musician screenshot one of his tweets that suggested that Zimbabwean men would never cheat on their wives. His suggested that if your Zimbwean husband’s phone is off, then the man is probably playing the video game “FIFA,” or drinking with his boys.  

It did not take long for Instagrammers to highlight the irony of Mudiwa's bald-faced lie. This is considering that he has already been caught with his pants down while being married to his wife. Additionally, the which was also pointed out by other followers after calling him out on his lie, is that fact that he is referring to men who the policy of “guilty until proven innocent” has always been a safer bet. So after that post he took a break, only to come back to tug on the hearts of his followers. 
His latest posts reveal that the musician hosted his son, Mudiwa Hood Jnr’s first birthday party this weekend. Mudiwa Jnr clearly has a fascination with Disney’s Mickey Mouse as the theme for the party was all Mickey, with Mudiwa Jnr dressed in a full-on Superman costume with Mickey Mouse ears to celebrate the day. However, his first post on the birthday was used to pen a touching open letter dedicated to the little one. 

On the post, Mudiwa in part wrote that, “If ever I fail you in other things, kindly forgive me son. I am not perfect. But I promise you I will not fail you (at) being the best dad ever. Happy 1-year son! I know (the) actual day is on the 6th, but we had this weekend to celebrate.”

Although touching when directed to his son, Mudiwa still  managed to throw shade by adding that, “Your uncles Genius Ginimbi Kadungure and Passion Java never drove a Lamborghini at one-year old, son.”
The subsequent post was to share an adorable video of all the little ones in attendance singing happy birthday to Mudiwa Jnr. The aim was to clearly melt the hearts of his Instagram followers because, wow!

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