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Pokello Nare the business woman extroadinaire.

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Zimbabwean born Pokello Nare is a 34 year old entrepreneur, socialite and media personality. She is currently one of the most followed Zimbabweans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and is regarded as one the most influential Zimbabweans today.

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She has gone from strength to strength and has become one of her country’s best female entrepreneurs.

Here is a look at Pokello Nare’s bio:

Pokello and Elikem

Tailor and reality show star Elikem Kumordzie revealed the main reason why his marriage to fellow Big Brother Africa housemate Pokello Nare didn't last. The two got married in 2015 and got divorced in 2017. At the time of his divorce a lot of rumours flew around, some even accused Elikem of using Pokello for clout!

According to him the whole affair was doomed because he was too young and did not understand the concept of marriage. He admits he was in love with her from the on set and does not regret the marriage but the distance did most of the damage. 

Pokello and Elikem share a son, Tristan. After his trip in South Africa for the Old Mutual Amazing Voices sing competition, and upon his return home country, Ghana, Elikem had to be tested for the Coronavirus. He tested negative and he was places under the 14 day mandatory quarantine.

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Apparently, Elikem wished that he were in Zimbabwe at that very moment. Why? This is where his son Tristan is and although he and Pokello have been divorced for a while now they are still raising their son together.

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COVID-19 has a lot of countries on lockdown and their borders closed, meaning no one can travel to another country. At such a time, Elikem wishes he could be with his son. 

Pokello #DontRushChallenge

Well, it ain't over till the fat lady sings and the challenge that has everybody taking part in it has also reached Zimbabwe. The  #DontRushChallenge would be dull if Pokello and her squad didn't take part and the crew gracefully did.

You were never ready for this!

This time Pokello was in the company of her crew Chantelle Muneri, Naledi Makola, Charlene Roberts and Maxine Adams. The Zim flex team flashed designer hand bags and fast cars and the internet couldn't deal.

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And the winner for this challenge is - the Zim Flex team!

Pokello Age

Pokello Nare was born in Gwanda, Zimbabwe on the 24th August 1985 to retired Colonel George Nare and Bessy Muzvidzwa. She turned 34 in 2019. She is also the stepdaughter of the former Zimbabwean Cabinet Minister Ignatius Chombo.

She was in Big Brother Africa Season 8 in 2013. Pokello Nare is aslo a business woman and model and she owns an organization called Addicted 2 Shoes.

Pokello Family

She has a sister, Takudzwa Dube, and her father's other children are Lerato, Teboho and Uratile. 

She was married to Elikem Kumordzie in 2015 and they divorced in 2018. They have 2 sons, Nathan and Tristan.

Pokello Nare Education

Pokello Nare attended Alexandra Park Primary School in Harare. She then attended Kyle College High School in Masvingo and then went on to study at Moash University in South Africa.

She studied Communications and Business Management and majored in Television Broadcasting. She had a natural ability to lead and became the first female student to attain the Social Coordinator Position on campus at Monash University.

Pokello Nare has a love for education and encourages the youth, she tweeted,

“Coming through to celebrate with all the University of Zimbabwe graduates tomorrow night. Coz we love Educated Youth. Connect we der!”

Pokello Nare Business

Pokello Nare was always passionate about fashion and she began tutoring while in school to get extra cash that would finance her wardrobe. She opened ‘Addicted 2 Shoes’ in 2011, an upmarket boutique in Sam Levy’s Village specializing in shoe sales. She then launched her shoe brand Pink Bottoms in December 2014 of which she is Creative Director, and this brand has seen 3 lines reach the market, namely Big Brother Africa The Chase, Size Me Up, and Spell My Name

She also managed to endorse deals with Victory Co and is the official face of the Ndeipi-Zviri Sei Sei t-shirt brands having to deal with Vault Cosmetics. Pokello also owns a Nail Polish Brand with 122 colours and she is the brand ambassador for several companies in Zimbabwe, regionally including ECONET and PEPSI as well as Chicken Hut.

Pokello Nare Philanthropy

Pokello Nare is involved in philanthropic activities as a health awareness activist, mentor and motivator. Each year she embarks on an initiative to encourage women to get themselves tested for HIV & AIDS.

She also encourages women to know their status. Under the initiative Breast Cancer, Pap Smears, HPV, Hepatitis B and Sexually Transmitted Diseases are core issues that the campaign deals with.

Pokello caused headlines in an encouraging and slightly controversial speech made, addressing University graduates,

“Money follows vision. My advice on how to start a business is, look for a niche, market something that not a lot of people are already doing. We are living in a country where the nature of our unemployment now requires more entrepreneurs and less corporate professionals. Most of these degrees you are doing are going to end up accumulating dust on the walls. The reality of our economy is that it forces you to think outside of the box. It breeds motivators. I was the first woman in the country to launch a shoe brand, I am also the first woman to launch a Gel Polish line.”

Pokello Nare Marriages

Pokella Nare got engaged to the Gahanian actor, Elikem Kurmodzie on live television. The couple were presenting Best Collaboration of the Year at the 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. They met on the set of Big Brother Africa in 2013. 

It was reported that Nare caused a social media stir when she apparently posted on Facebook and Twitter, poking and asking people how they felt if a whore could get married. This castigated her loose morals with many people, igniting a public debate. Pokello and Elikem Kurmodzie were married traditionally in Zimbabwe in 2015. The couple sadly divorced in 2018. They have two children together.

During the launch of She Roars Brand at the University of Zimbabwe, Pokello was one of the guest speakers in a programme to empower young women. This is where she openEd up about her marriage to Elikem Kurmodzie. The socialite announced at the launch that her three year marriage to the actor and fashion designer Elikem Kurmodzie was to prove the point that she is still in fact ‘wife material’.

“I made a lot of mistakes in my life… I also got married at the age of 28 because I felt like I needed to prove to people that with all my scandals, I still am wife material,” said Pokello

Pokello Nare Controversy

This popular Zimbabwean socialite and business woman says that the leaking of her sex tape several years ago was the worst experience she had ever faced in her life. She spoke candidly about how the leak was something she never planned. 

The leaked sex tape was a 2 minute clip of Pokello Nare kissing and having unprotected sex with her ex-boyfriend, Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme.

Pokello told a group of university students recently, “That was actually a mistake, it leaked; it was not for public viewing or consumption.”

She also took the time to warn female students on the dangers of sharing sex tapes.

“I also want young girls to learn from my mistakes, it was a mistake, it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t responsible on how it got out. I can’t take responsibility for that part, but what I can do is to be an example to young girls to say this is not how you want to make it.”

Pokello Nare Fashion

Whereever she gets that niche from for a good eye and good taste in fashion, we want it too. There's no picture of hers where she does not look on point. Every day and every occasion, Pokello just keeps slaying it.

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Is there any colour or outfit that Pokello doesn't look good in?

Pokello Nare Networth

Pokello Nare currently has an estimated net worth of between $1 Million and $5 million which is growing steadily as well.

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