Piracy Causes Manyeruke To Stop Putting Out New Music

Baba Manyeruke has been experiencing every artists worst nightmare of having their work pirated and not bought. This unfortunate act has caused the legendary gospel musician to stop making new music until those responsible for making policy changes have acted. 

He has recently said that he is tired of making music that does not benefit him in any way, looking at the high-costs involved in the making of music. 
"I have realized that I am working for nothing." he said 

Piracy is hurting many artists' careers as they are not making enough money on album sales, as they are available on just any platform for free downloads. Baba Manyeruke believes music authorities have the power to implement new ways to guard artists music from piracy. Also, stricter punishments, according to him, should be implemented to hold those responsible for pirating music. 

He further added, “everything we are producing is going to piracy and there is no reason for me to continue working while someone will be waiting to reap the fruits without putting any effort. It is not fair.”

He also believes that people who pirate music have no fear for any repercussions because they are aware that their illegal activities often go unnoticed. Little is done to stop those commit this crime and until something is done, the musician will refrain from making music to benefit others and not himself.

"They are making a living out of the musicians’ sweat and we are saying this must come to an end." He exclaimed.

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