Pambuka Claps Back At Prophet Passion

Oscar Pambuka does not take shade thrown at him lightly and has served Prophet Passion and Apostle Chiwenga with the same amount of gravel they have thrown at him.

Yesterday a video of  Prophet Passion Java saying that Oscar Pambuka is a fake prophet went viral on social media. On the video, Java said that Pambuka was pushed by the economic hardships the country is currently facing to forming a church.

He went on to add that Pambuka was not fit to be a prophet and should start a music career than to lie to people that he has been called by God to become a prophet.

The prophet's sentiments were seconded by a popular local preacher called Apostle Chiwenga mocked Oscar Pambuka and said that Pambuka was a thief who swindled money from ZESA.

Take a look at the video below.
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Pambuka did not take it lightly and has responded to Prophet Passion and Apostle Chiwenga by calling them false prophets as well.

On his official Facebook page, Pambuka wrote โ€œPleasant morning to you all. The list of so-called "men of God" attacking or misfiring continues to grow.

First, it was Chiwenga and now its Passion. As for me, it's a big loud no retreat no surrender.โ€

He also said that he is going to give a blind eye to the criticisms as he moves forward with his ministerial work. Pambuka has since made online tabloid headlines ever since he announced that he is now a prophet. Many have criticised him for using the church as a way to steal from people ,however Pambuka told Power FM in an interview that he does not collect offerings at his church.

Things are really getting heated here.

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Written by:
Kuda Ruwende