KVG Steals Winky D's Show

A video of popular StarFM radio DJ Kudzai Violet Gwara also known as KVG singing muGarden with Winky D has gone viral on the internet and has left many people wanting more.

In the video, Winky D is seen performing his song Mugarden that features Gemma Griffiths and KVG joins him on the stage and sings Gemma’s part.

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Some of the people that have watched the video have applauded KVG and some have gone as far as lobbying for her to start her own music career.

Here is what other people who watched the video had to say.

Nicki“KVG  urichimhamha zveshuwa ,you nailed it .i think Winky Dee could have taken you instead of Gemma on that song ,wakapenga dear.”

Shanemago“I thought you just had good radio voice little did I know that you are also talented in singing ,I advise you that you start having your own songs recorded ,you are so good my sister .Winky should have a collaboration with you in one of his upcoming songs or a remix of Mugarden.”

AugustineHlatswayo“Haa Chimhamha ,pakaipa ,makapenga ,you can have your own music and nail it ,I never thought munotoimba kudaro kana muridzi we song anosara pasi hey.”

KVG told Hmetro that she will start recording her own music but she will do it as a hobby and not full time as she already got a job that she passionately loves.

“I love radio so much but I’m now considering doing music as a hobby. Not as a full-time career though.”

“I’m grateful to Winky D for giving me the opportunity to sing Gemma’s part alongside him. It was such an honour. He knows how crazy I was about the song when it came out as I’d always sing Gemma’s part. When he was looking for someone to sing Gemma’s part, I was at the front and I raised my hand. He saw me and I think he just said to himself ‘let me just give this girl a chance’.”

KVG is well known for hosting a radio show 326 express on StarFM .

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Written by:
Kuda Ruwende