Olinda Chapel Calls It Quits

She has given up on love following her very public split with Tytan Nkomo

By  | May 22, 2020, 03:28 PM  | Olinda Chapel  | Drama

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Zimbabwean socialite and business woman Olinda Chapel has decided to throw in the towel when it comes to love and dating. The United Kingdom based social media celebrity who was dating famous Zim musicians such as Stunner and married Tytan Nkomo last year has decided to call it quits with this whole love thing.

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This following her recent very public separation from husband Tytan Nkomo, and the couple gave birth to their daughter earlier this year. Both the men supposedly walked out of her life and found new relations. The dramatic break ups have caused a stir on social media with people saying Olinda should take some time and be by herself. 

On her social media the personality wrote.

"She’s so JADED that she will never fall in love again. She can’t, she sees through everyone and their intentions. Even her “friend” … Now she has no faith in anyone, how could she?

No one has ever been there for her like she would be and has been for them. When she stumbles, she makes it part of the dance.

That’s how she will forever sit on her throne. It’s not how she falls, it’s always the how she rises you need to worry about. STILLL I RISE #selflove #olinda"
Olinda Chapel

The very vague post however highlights the fact that she was all alone during the hardships of the marriage and separation. For many this is assurance that the woman has decided to call it quits with the whole dating thing and spend some time with herself and daughter.

Olinda lets the public know that she doing just fine and will continue to rise above it all, however a love interest will be in the back burner.

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