Comic Pastor Drags Kikky BadAss

It looks like rising hip-hop star, KikkyBadass real name Christabelle Mahlungwa may have started a fire that she will never be able to extinguish as her rival, Vimbai Zimuto’s camp continues to swell and is enjoying another addition of Comic Pastor.

A little over a week ago, Kikky came out claiming that fellow Netherlands based musician hijacked her concept and vision around nudity. This, to many, appeared to be a hoax with people saying nakedness in front of a camera never started nor will it end on Kikky.

While presenting his monthly comic awards for the month of May, Comic Pastor born  Prosper Ngomashi relentlessly trolled Kikky and trashed her claims saying the rapper is nowhere close to Zimuto for her to make such an assertion.

“Nominee number three is Kikky BadAss, this girl we have not known her, we don’t even know her but arikuuya achiti akabirwa staira kana kuti pattern with our very own nude girl Vimbai Zimuto.

(Third nominee in the Female Celeb of the Month Category is Kikky BadAss. We haven’t gotten to know her well yet, but she comes out claiming that our very own nude girl, Vimbai Zimuto copied her nude art concept').

Kikky BadAss
Vimbai Zimuto
“Chokwadi takamboitawo here mumwe munhu ane mapicture akadai? Nyangwe tika compare, Kikky usade kutamba nepfungwa dzedu. Hauna chekuti ungamisidzane nacho naVimbai, Vimbai kuseri kwekuseri. Izvo zvinhu zvinozikanwa.

(Honestly, have we ever seen pictures like Vimbai’s before? Even if we are to compare. Kikky, stop playing with people’s minds, you have not accomplished anything yet that is good enough to reach Vimbai’s level to make such a claim. It is public knowledge that Vimbai is at her peak),” said Comic Pastor as he ploughed into Kikky.

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Meanwhile, Vimbai will be hosting her first exhibition in the capital on June 27,  under the theme, Vimbaitude Photographic Art Exhibition.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram

Written by:
Lemuel Chekai