Clive Malunga: I Quit Sex For Good

The Nesango hitmaker Clive Malunga said that he has been abstaining from sex ever since he divorced his wife 17 years ago.

He also said that he has decided to not to have sexual intercourse again in his life and has devoted most of his time to prayer.

Malunga in an interview with Hmetro said, “I quit sex for life in 2002 when I divorced my wife. If there is anyone who can stand in front of the people now saying Clive Malunga is lying, that person can come here and say so, because I have not had sexual intercourse with anyone after divorcing my wife in 2002 up to now.

"I will never ever have a sexual relationship with anyone in my life, handina, ndakangozvigarira zvangu inini, I am now just praying.

He also said that he had given up on marriage since he had bad luck with women, however, he is now concentrating on his studies as he is doing an MBA with Great Zimbabwe University.

"I am not married; ruoko rwangu urwu rwakashata (I have bad luck in marriage). I think bad luck is because some of these ladies we meet them during our shows.

"I am currently doing my Masters in Business Administration (degree) with Great Zimbabwe University…It is time for educating our minds than wasting time having sex," he said.

Malunga became popular for his song Nesango which is about the liberation struggle.The video of the song drew much attention to the public as it was sophisticated and well articulated.

Clive Malunga is 59 years old and is now into talent search for traditional dances.

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