Ammara Brown's Newly Released 'Tichichema' Touches Hearts

Ammara Brown released her latest single 'Tichichema' and has described it as a deeply emotional song that speaks to those who have ever loved someone with a broken spirit. It is a reflection of her childhood and has found solace in the writing process.

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Her initial release was on the 6th of September which was also her birthday girft to fans. However, because of the death of Robert Mugabe she pushed the release date to the next morning out of respect for the former president.

However, many fans took that as being insensitive as they claim to be in mourning for Mugabe. With success comes a bit of backlash for every thing an artist does, however the musician did not take the negativity to heart.

Since its release it has reached 30 000 views on YouTube, and it looks like its becoming a very popular song. It is the third single from her upcoming sophomore album 'Flaming Lily'. 

On Twitter she wrote..

"It was a very emotional writing session. I had to look back at my childhood n face some of the more painful things that I had experienced. In the end this song has been therapeutic. I hope it helps heal u 2." 

Ammara also left fans confused as fans expected ''Ammartia 2.0' the album and not 'Flaming Lily'. She clarifies all speculation by saying,

"Flaming Lily is Ammartia 2.0 renamed. I have more to give. And I wanted to move on from the Ammartia album to elaborate on the growth that Iโ€™ve experienced as an artist. Ammartia Ignite was going to have Ammartia songs on it. Flaming Lily will not. Just all new. And all true." 

The song aims to touch those whose spirits have been broken from loving someone who was not emotionally available to love them back.

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