500 RTs For M.U.S.E Concert

Award winning Hip Hop artist, singer and songwriter, MUSE, is set to have his very own concert with a live band, but only if you retweet.

The muso, in a Tweet, asked his fans to give him 500 retweets in order for the event to come to fruition.

Born Peter Chester in Bulawayo, MUSE relocated to the U.S in Pennsylvania where he spent most of his childhood and fell in love with jazz, hip hop and RnB. His debut album The Artist was released in 2017. He followed that up with with another album in 2018 titled โ€˜The Canvasโ€™ - which is now available on Apple Music.

Looking at the calibre of his artistry- from the production, to the lyricism and artwork- we are in for a spectacular occasion! So do the right thing and RT.

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Main Image Credit: facebook.com/MUSEtheArtist

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