Zodwa 'Irons' Out Her Wrinkles And Cellulite In Latest Procedure!

Oh, the things money can buy!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 02:13 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Top of The

For Zodwa Wabantu, splashing the cash is no big deal, especially on things she only dreamt about before becoming one of Mzani's most in-demand stars

The dancer and reality TV star is becoming quite the fan of body enhancements and shared with her fans a video of her latest procedure, done at a Durban cosmetic medical centre.

In it she undergoes a session of body reshaping and contouring (probably something the Kardashian/Jenners use to give them their famous curves) using a machine that not only tightens the skin, but pretty much rearranges it too for a smoother look.

She wrote of the procedure in the post; "This machine is a Vela Smooth Machine, it is also called a body iron. Irons out cellulite and dimples. Tightens skin in butt,arms,stomach,things. No more loose skin perform at your best, rejuvenate, age backwards, look younger
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A week ago, Zodwa shared a video of herself undergoing a cellulite reduction procedure on her stomach and thighs. The procedure involved getting shots of 'lipodissolve' injections that target tiny pockets of fat.
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And just last month the star underwent vaginaplasty - a procedure that tightens and rejuvenates your erhm lady-bits. The popular surgery is heralded for increasing stimulation and orgasms!

“There’s going to be magic coming out from there… Baby, are you coming,” she said in the TMI video!
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She’s also undergone a platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment for hair loss in which her blood was drawn out, processed, and then injected back into her scalp.
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Then Zodwa had her “saggy” breasts lifted in a non-surgical procedure ahead  of the Durban July.

And she’s also had the must-have cosmetic treatment – the ‘vampire’ facial which also involves the PRP method of withdrawing her blood and injecting it back onto her face- giving her fans a very gruesome look into her quest for perfection.
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To add to the list she’s also undergone facial peels, fillers and ‘glow drips’.
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Looks like Zodwa is working on her summer body way ahead of schedule!

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