Tshepi Mabs Explains Why She Doesn't Believe In Marriage

This is her reason for apposing marriage

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Tshepi Mabulana  | Top of The

Recent cases of gender based violence and femicide that have convulsed in South Africa, caused many women and men alike to speak out. Many that have spoken out fearlessly about their own experiences or those that affect their families, have encouraged others to speak out too, especially celebrities. YFM's Tshepi Mabulana has recently shared on twitter why she does not date or believe in marriage.

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Her childhood is not one she wishes to relive as she tragically lost her mother to High Blood Pressure that was allegedly fueled by her father. As a grown woman today she still has not gotten over the tragedy she faced as a young girl 15 years ago. 

The abuse she faced has tainted her views on dating and marriage or men in general. Whilst the rest of the country sleeps, Mabulana is expressing her heartache in multiple tweets. 

In one of her deleted tweets, she wrote:

"It's 2AM, I'm awake, I'm saddened...I almost feel like I'm carrying my mother's pain all over again 15 years later...you ask why I don't date? Why I'm apposed to getting married. THIS IS WHY! My father is the reason why." 

She further added that her father did not call to check up on her even though he is fully aware of the situation. She says that she is finally ready to call her father out on the abuse, looking at the current state of the country. 

"My dad is a great father but a trash partner which ultimately makes me question if he was indeed a great father." Said Mabulana