Sonia Mbele Criticized For Handing Her 'Abusive' Son To Rehab & Not Jail

Tweeps feel as though she is protecting her son instead of him facing the music

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Concerns and mixed emotions have risen following actress and businesswoman Sonia Mbele handing over his abusive son to rehab instead of jail. Tweeps have found her statement very contradicting after she urged the law to take is course.

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After dubbed the mother of the year following her heartfelt statement that moved masses after her son was exposed for an abuser. Sonia Mbele finds herself in water hot for contradicting herself and doing the total opposite, when she took her son, Donell Mbele to rehab instead of prison.

Although tweeps have mixed emotions following this decision, other tweets have since criticized Sonia Mbele for protecting her son by sheltering him at rehab. Tweeps are certainly not jumping for joy at this decision as they feel as though the victim, Reokeditswe Makete was failed in the process.

"Instead of handing over her son to the nearest police station, Sonia Mbele handed over Donell Sedibe to rehab while his ex girlfriend Reokeditswe Makete is left numb. Prison is for poor people, the privileged will always find excuses" wrote Mans NOT Barry Roux
In the same breath, other tweets have came to Sonia Mbele's defense and claims that if the victim have not opened any criminal charges, obviously her abuser will continue to roam the streets. Tweeps are saying that it is not entirely Sonia Mbele's fault but also Reokeditswe Makete, who at this point have not file a case against, Donell Mbele.

"She did right if Omphile want open the case she must do that it's not the responsibililty of the mother to open the case it should be the person who has been abused, Sonia is doing the right thing to correct the mindset of the boy by sending him to reheb case can still be openned" wrote Siya Mfundisi
"If the victim hasn't opened or for whatever reasons did not open a case, a member of the public can institute a private prosecution in terms of section 7 and 8 of the Criminal Procedure Act. Don't hlanyazisa nje if ungazi bafo" wrote Mathews Ntanzi
Meanwhile some tweeps have urged Sonia Mbele to hand over her son to the police, irrespective whether a criminal case has been opened against him or not.

"Haai. Sithule siyabuka .lol hand yr child? Yhooo" wrote Mduduzi Manyandi
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