Ntsiki Mazwai On Her Sex Life

Sex is a beautiful thing, and she enjoys it.

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For many years, women have been condemned for expressing their sexuality as opposed to their male counterparts.

When a woman openly spoke about her sex life, it was considered to be taboo, society perceived her to be promiscuous as well.

However, in the year 2019 women have become quite liberated, especially when it comes to their sex life. It is no longer a shame or something to be embarrassed about for women to express what they enjoy or prefer to do in between the sheets.

One lady who is not shy about expressing her sexuality is Ntsiki Mazwai. The artist and TV host was recently interviewed on MacG's Podcast and Chill session where she was asked about the ongoings of her sex life.

Ntsiki shared the power of sexual energy and how it should always be preserved for that right moment. (The sexual intercourse)

"Sexual energy is very powerful, so when you're horny you do things, and you can focus your energy, but when you have sex, you release all that energy. So I like to abstain so that the energy can build up and then I just channel that energy, work, work and then when I feel like 'damn, I'm doing well,' then I have sex, now we can open up the gates."

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Ntsiki also shared that she's had a fling with a girl before, but that was back during her boarding school days.

"Boarding school, you know how it is, you get horny, and then there are no boys, and then you must explore with the other girls."

Ntsiki also admitted that she has occasionally kissed other women once or twice when she was a bit intoxicated because she believes that women are very sexy. During the interview, she realised that she actually loves kissing girls as they are gentle and more sensual.

"I like boys and girls, I like the "D" but I like girls, girls have got soft bits and they feel nice to touch. So I do have very intimate relationships with females, it's how I would chill with my boyfriend...,"
she explained.

Check out the full interview right here.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Miss_Ntsiki_Mazwai

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