Moonchild Bags A Reality Show

'Moonchild Woza' will premier on MTV

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Moonchild Sanelly has bagged herself a reality show! The vivacious musician with a personality that is unmatched will be giving her fans a front row seat to her life as she tells her story her way.

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Speaking to Daily Sun, the Nudes album creator said the reality show is titled 'Moonchild Woza' and will be airing on MTV in the coming months. Shooting for the show has already begun and she said it has been nothing but "amazing."

She told the publication that she was not really for the idea of having a reality show however as time went on she warmed up to the idea. She wants people to get to know the real her and what better way than a reality show.

Many might know her as the twerker on stage but she says there is more to her than that. She has opened up about her turbulent past life before but this time it will be at a much deeper level. “It wasn’t an easy decision to bare my whole life to the country, but I believe this is a great opportunity for me to tell my own story the way I’d love for it to be told. Although I love twerking and being dramatic on stage, there’s more to me and people will actually get to see I work very hard to get the opportunities I have,“ she told the publication.

Moonchild will be introducing her more personal side on the show that she has not shown on social media - including the side that she is gay and has a girlfriend. Apart from that, Moonchild loves flaunting her beautiful curves and showing the middle finger to people who judge women who have her kind of lifestyle. She motivates women to love their bodies and accept them.

“They’ll meet my family, kids, as well as my girlfriend,“ she confirmed.

The Makhe hitmaker also hinted at having an amazing opportunity up her sleeve, "The one thing I’m looking forward to now is being part of the Grammy Awards soon.”

Indeed her life has been nothing but a roller-coaster. The mother of three previously narrated incidences of rape by three different men; her uncle, a man she had been dating and her cousin. "One time I was sexually harassed by my uncle and went to report it with my friend Maps. The cops both male and Women asked me what was I wearing and why did I dance with my uncle and that I should go home and talk about it with my family. They took me in the van and drove me home," she tweeted.

"Then they left! My uncle never even told my aunt coz he had threatened me at the time of the incident by saying ,we mustn’t tell my aunt what WE had done. He also threw in the fact that since my mom was gone ,my varsity fees were expensive and we wouldn’t want to not to to school," she continued.

"I was once raped in JHB by a person I used to fuck with. I had met a new person so I was good! That day I wore a tampon to make sure (listen to that)
He took it out! His family was downstairs so I kept quiet to protect him. It’s funny how the mind works in the moment! I went home and told him he had raped me! He said “you’re a ho* so u fu***ed me back cause you were on top
By the end of the rape!"

She had also previously talked about how she got kicked out by the father of her kids and left them homeless.

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