Mihlali's Latest Win Sets Tongues Wagging

She will be joining the Malfy Gin SA family

By  | Feb 01, 2022, 08:47 AM  | Mihlali Ndamase  | Top of the

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YouTube sensation and beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase just recently took to her social media to share some very exciting news. At this point, it is clear that Mihlali is all about chasing the bag and looking good while she is at it and we most definitely love to see it.

The influencer just shared on her Twitter and Instagram that she has landed a major partnership deal with Malfy Gin SA and fans could not be more excited with this news. Taking to her comment section, her followers and tweeps alike have gone ahead to flood her with congratulatory messages. This is one well deserved win.

The brand had not too long ago announced on it’s Twitter page that they were about to reveal a new member of the Malfy Gin family and had teased that it was going to be Mihlali. And now that it has been confirmed we can only await for dope and delicious content from the social media influencer.

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There is no denying that this year has started quite well for Mihlali. Just the other day the influencer announced that she had just scored an acting gig in a film titled Boxing Day. And while of course were excited at this news, Black Twitter still could not understand how she had bagged the gig. 

It got so bad that instead of congratulating her for her win, they all went ahead to drag her claiming that she only landed the gig because of her looks and accused her of having known the producer beforehand. Talk about being salty!

That however has not stopped her from bagging all the wins that come her way and we love it for her. This is not the last time that she has been put under fire by Black Twitter though. Mihlali is always landing herself in trouble with her controversial tweets which always ruffle Mzansi the wrong way.

Just the other day she decided to take a hit at the entertainment industry here in Mzansi and let’s just say that she did not get the reaction that she was expecting. Tweeps literally dragged her from here till Timbuktu just for showing her support to Amanda Du Pont, who at the time had just revealed that she had been allegedly sexually assaulted by Jub Jub.

But with this good news, we wonder if anyone will still find a reason to drag her. At this point, it is time Mzansi lets Mihlali have her moment. Keep winning queen!

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