Lalla Hirayama Details All About Abusive Ex Chris Nkosi

The Vuzu presenter dropped a bombshell on our timelines

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Lalla Hirayama  | Top of The

TV personality Lalla Hirayama has broken her silence on social media about her ex Chris Nkosi

The Vuzu presenter has taken to Twitter to spill all about her past relationship with the club promoter who she dated for over 5 years.

In the lengthy statement, Lalla claimed that Chris was emotionally and verbally abusive, jealous and controlled her every move.

She also claims that was aware of an incident in which a woman accused Chris of rape, going as far as to say she even apologised to the alleged victim

Lalla also opened up her dysfunctional relationship with her father as well as being sexually harassed on numerous as a dancer.

Read her full statements below;

Meanwhile tweeps are dragging comedian Jason Goliath who tagged Lalla in a tweet about the alleged rape

Responding to a post from @AmINext_SA, in which the Twitter handle names & shames Chris as a rapist, Jason wrote; "Chris Nkosi @Lalla_Hirayama Speak up?  My heart is fu***** broken"

But fans are livid with Jason’s post.

“You're part of the problem Jason. You've just bullied Lalla into revealing things she shouldn't have", and “Wow Jason. Why must Lalla explain herself, she's not the rapist, she wasn't even there!” were some of the angry tweets directed against the stand-up comedic star

This whole situation is just messy and painful to see unfold!  Let's hope and pray the perpetrators take accountability for their actions

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Image credit: Facebook Lalla Hirayama