Kuli Roberts Slams 'Dark-Skin' Haters

"Not today, satan"

By  | Aug 18, 2020, 10:19 AM  | Kuli Roberts  | Top of The

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Kuli Roberts has slammed discriminators saying she would not allow their negativity to rub off of little children.

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Adding her voice to the colourism debate, she told people that they should not let the coming generation feel pressured or bullied into resenting their dark skin complexion.

When Kuli is passionate about a movement or cause, she has a no barreds held approach and often tells it like it is.

"We not going to have a generation of dark skinned kids hating their complexions because of YOU. Not today Satan," she wrote.

After engaging with her followers on social media who shared their stories of favoritism in their family, she advised them to teach family members how to treat each other, "We correct them immediately, that nobody has time for the obvious and ask her to pass the potatoes," she responded

Kuli reckons that Africans have been at it with eachother since the beginning, "Africans have been getting away with it since the beginning of time and now we kicking their faces."

Sharing her story of being a victim of colorism herself, she basically threw the middle finger to patriarchy and has thrived.

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