"I'm Done, I'm Done, F**k Everybody" RHODurban Star Jojo Robinson

Was the last altercation really the last straw?

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The Real Housewives of Durban star Jojo Robinson is said to be completely done with the reality TV world. Following the latest altercation from the recent episode where Robinson stormed out of dinner and admitted to be done with the show.

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Although the show is pre-recorded but scores of viewers are praying on Jojo Robinson not to return on the Real Housewives of Durban next season. Exactly on two occasions, Robinson has admitted to be done with the reality TV show. Previously, she took to Instagram to announce that she has since left the show. However, because the show is already taped, that also means she will continue to have scenes even though she has left.

Strange enough, more viewers are waiting to bated breath for Jojo Robinson not to return on the next season. Evidently, Robinson has rubbed both her co-stars and scores of viewers the wrong way because of her behavior, character and virtue amongst the ladies that had earned her a Karen title.

During an altercation on the trip that she organized at Drankensberg Premier Resort Sani Pass. Jojo Robinson got out of the kitchen because she could not handle the heat. History repeated itself when she swung a glass on water on co-star, Nonku Williams. What then struck viewers is what she said following her storming out of dinner. Robinson proceeded to admit to be done with reality show and swore at the ladies amidst her exit.

"I'm done, I'm done, f**k everybody! Leave me alone! I just want to be with my family! I don't want to be with this sh*t! I don't want this sh*t! F**k everyone! I want out! I am sick of it, please! I don't want to be part of this! Just leave me alone! Just let me go, I want out! I want out! I'm done! I am done with everything!" said Jojo Robinson

During her confessional, that was when the lines were pretty much drawn. Robinson made it crystal clear that she no longer have any interests hanging out with her co-stars. She admitted being done and wanting nothing to do with the show anymore.

"This group triggers me like nothing else. In the ten years I have been with Calvin, The only times I have been triggered have been with this group. This friendship is pointless, everything here is pointless. I came on this holiday and it is pointless. I can not deal with you anymore!" said Jojo Robinson

Whilst talking to co-star Maria Valaskatzis outside the hotel before headed home. Robinson made it known that she needed to step away from the group.

Maria Valaskatzis: What's going on babe, why are you leaving?
Jojo Robinson: I think I got to a point where, you know being around this group of women is just very triggering. And I think I gone to a point where I need to accept that I am not meant for them.
Maria Valaskatzis: How you were yesterday is completely out of character. I don't know this Jojo.
Jojo Robinson: Unfortunately, I just need to step away

Reportedly, Jojo Robinson is vacationing at Seychelles and been taking jabs at the Real Housewives of Durban ladies.

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