“I Really Did Love Him And I Still Do,” Phelo Bala Opens Up About His Failed Marriage To Moshe Ndiki

The star recently covered his matching wedding tattoo with Moshe as a sign that he has moved on from him.

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Musician Phelo Bala has opened up about his failed marriage with media personality Moshe Ndiki.

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The former lovebirds tied the knot in 2019 in a private ceremony and called it quits after two years. Phelo recently covered his matching wedding tattoo with Moshe as a sign that he has moved on from him.

During his diary session in an episode of The Bala Family, Phelo confessed his love for his ex and his ambition to one day get married again. Additionally, he disclosed that he had moved on and was anticipating divorce papers.

“I can’t have this thing on my finger and continue with my life. I am heartbroken and hurt it didn’t work out. I really did love him and I still do.”

“All he could’ve said was Phelo I love you, Phelo I need you to stay, that’s all and maybe things could’ve turned out differently but those words and all that stuff, I never got them.”

‘I feel like I’m going to find somebody who is going to protect me, who’s going to love me, not somebody who is going to throw a black plastic bag in your face in front of your friends and say you must leave his house.”
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Moshe confirmed their breakup in an interview with Isolezwe in 2022. Phelo and Moshe were married for two years, but they were always in the news for bad reasons. The Moja Love host told the publication he would love to get married again because he adores marriage. "As a person who was previously married, I will get married again because I love marriage and love. The problem is not in love or marriage, it's with people," he said.

The actor will become a father to two children. Moshe disclosed a few weeks ago that he had been secretly working with a surrogate but had held off on sharing the happy news until the proper moment. 

He announced that his surrogate was pregnant with twins. "MY SURROGATE IS PREGNANT. IM GONNA BE A DAD … OF TWINS. Today we went on our final “Can we tell people “ scan and I couldn’t be happier, what a journey, what a dream come true. Between keeping it a secret and getting our go-ahead, all if not most my friends and family knew to cause Yho Good news iyandisinda mna."

He said he had always wanted to be a dad. "I’ve prayed for this miracle of just being a dad, and also this gift to myself on my 31st Birthday, my mom whose now a soon-to-be grandmother. I have no words for God's mercy and love for me. For the past 2 years, I’ve tried to live and build a life where I and my child could be good, comfortable, safe, and loved and God said “because uphapha “ bamba TWINS . It’s a funny story how that happened but I thank God and my surrogate, my surrogates husband, and my family. My egg donor, thank you," he wrote.

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