"I Did Not Go To Idols SA To Be Stuck And Go Back To Square One"

Mr Music gets candid about life after Idols and be blocked

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Lungisani Mthethwa, popularly known as Mr Music rose to superstardom when he entered Mzansi's popular singing competition Idols SA, and he made it to the top two.

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Since his journey ended on the singing competition, Mr Music has been thriving as a solo artist. The singer who hails from Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal recently had a sit-down interview with YouTuber and social media influencer Lungelo KM on his YouTube  podcast “Engineer Your Life” and he got candid about his journey in the industry and the challenges he has encountered.

Mr Music expressed his dissatisfaction with how the record label he was forced to sign to by the Idols production has stifled his career. Taking a moment to reflect on where he is in his career, he shared his feelings. As far as he is concerned, Kalawa Jazmee should be questioned as to why he is not achieving much.

"It's sad that I have to speak about this but I have to. When you have people that you need to submit to in order for you to make it, if people don't see Mr Music releasing music they should DM them (Record label)." he said.

He said he wishes things would be happening quicker in his career, but his label is failing him. The singer said that if Idols SA said that he should find the label himself, then he would carry the blame. He says he feels like other labels are blocking artists' success.

"When I entered the show, I entered to sing, I did not go to Idols SA to be stuck and go back to square one. I went there to change my life, the way I produce my music,” he said.

The singer said Idols SA changed his life, but those who took over from them should be questioned about the current state of his career. When asked what record labels can change he said:

"Personally I feel like there is nothing they can change, because we do need record labels and they do need us, but it is so sad that some of the people who are signed by recording labels are not getting paid, how I wish there could be a partnership rather than a contract. I didn't apply to be part of their label. I went to Idols SA and they found me already groomed, they are the ones who should beg me.”

Mr Music explained how if it were up to him, he would buy himself out of the record deal because it is not serving its purpose in the manner that he wants it to.

He also shared the inspiring story about how he went for that Idols audition in North Beach Durban, where he arrived 72 hours before the audition day and had to sleep in and wear the same clothes to that audition. He said those clothes were prayed for by his grandfather and the church, hence for him it had a spiritual significance to wear them until his audition time. 

Mthethwa also spoke about being deliberate in displaying his love life publicly, because he believes in love and that love should be shown freely.

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