Concerns Over Cyan Boujee's BBL

Her video while cooking has tweeps worried sick about her body

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Influencer and social media darling Cyan Boujee has been very open about her body getting cosmetic surgery. However, tweeps have raised concerns following a video she shared while preparing her food.

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Tweeps are certainly divided apart following a video of Cyan Boujee preparing herself some food. What has gotten the Twitter streets talking is the amount of 'oil based' ingredients the influencer used while making her chicken. Unknowingly, Boujee has opened yet another can of worms where she find herself in the middle of a controversy over her food choices.
Meanwhile some tweeps have concluded that in no time Cyan Boujee will be headed under the knife again to fix the supposedly damaged on her body with the food she consumes.

"Cy*n B*ujee is 100% going to go back for maybe round 20 of Lipo suction because my girl believes in low vibration plates more than she believes in herself" wrote Furaha Tungande
The concerns over Cyan Boujee's food in take is around how much of 'unhealthy' eating that tweeps picked up in the video. Unbothered, the influencer can be seen marinading her chicken pieces with cooking oil, mayonnaise and tomato sauce. Immediately she then saute her chicken in more cooking oil before dumping it onto her gravy.

"This tweet ain’t hating guys…Cyan did BBL she has to watch what she eats and even exercise here and there to keep it in balance…so she’s saying she’s not doing that" wrote Oratile Siko
"Cyan going to her surgeon for more lipo after cooking unhealthy nonsense!!!!" wrote Jay Tuu
Some tweeps have taken the opportunity to criticize her Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), which Cyan Boujee has been very forthcoming about it.

"I’m so sorry, even after the second surgery, I’m still not fucking with Cyan’s new bod. why are her hips so close to her chest" wrote Bewildered Ano
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