Youngsta CPT And AKA Are In The Studio

Two MCees from the Mother City Tease New Music

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With 30 mixtapes and numerous EPs and accolades under his belt, Youngsta CPT is regarded as one of the most influential "Kaapstad" rappers to hit Mzansi and finally, all his hard work has hit home for Super Mega, AKA - a fellow Capetownian.

Monday night, AKA let us in on this top secret with this tweet.

This  overdue collaboration between the South African hip-hop artists is finally materialising. After fans have been pleading with the two on social media, to come together for a track-they are finally excited to see that their words do not fall on deaf ears.

The bromance might have blossomed when Youngsta reminisced, in an interview with Hype magazine, about the the day he met King Forbes. Adding that they had met on a plane a few years ago, and Supa Mega asked him if Youngsta had really put out 24 mixtapes. According to YoungstaCPT, AKA was impressed and.. who wouldn't be?

So, even after years had passed - still no collaboration? Well, Youngsta believes in fate and in believing so, he didn't want to force the chemistry if there wasn't any chemistry among friends. He told OkayAfrica;

I like the characters to be on the same level. Like, if I can't have a conversation with you, how can we make a song that will stand the test of time?

He has a point. As fate would have it, the two are at the top of their careers and there was clearly no better time than right now.

AKA has been a collaboration spree recently. About two weeks ago, he took the likes of Sjava, Gemini Major and several others to a secret location to work on some music. He tweeted over the weekend that he was struggling to reach Reece, and also promised to work with The Big Hash.

No predictions can be made (unfortunately) about how we think the new track might sound like or if they'll be going in a whole new direction to accommodate the both of them. All we can be certain about, is that Youngsta CPT and AKA will definitely be bringing in their own unique sound and individual style to the track and we are excited to see what the end result will be.

And in true 'Kaapstad" style, the MC responded to AKA's tweet with the kind of je nais se quois only he could pull off:

And to be honest, Youngta CPT and AKA - same Whatsapp group.

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