AKA On Insulting Cassper's Parents: I Wish I Could Take It Back

He regrets it.

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It has been over a month since AKA dragged Cassper and his parents on Twitter.

The rapper went on a rant that had tweeps shook as he dissed Cassper's family and even said Cassper's dad is a deadbeat dad, for allowing him to drop out of high school.
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The rapper never apologized for dragging Cassper's family into their fued.

Until now...

The rapper appeared on Slikour's Instagram show and took a moment to acknowledge regret over his controversial tweets.

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“I f**ken make mistakes. I f**k up, I say things sometimes that I shouldn't say, so what? So f**ken shoot me it happens. I think it's bad, you know? I regret cussing the other dude's parents out. I don't think I should have done that,”

He says at the time he had felt like Cassper was aggravating him and daring him to say something. 

"At the time I felt like I was being aggravated, so you know I lost my shit. I wish I could take it back but I can't you know what lm saying?  I just gotta keep it moving and keep doing my thing. Keep making music, keep making money and keep making people feel entertained, making them laugh, cry and think.”

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