Thando Exposes Lunga Shabalala

You can't hide from Twitter

By  | Mar 19, 2020, 11:42 AM 

Imagine the embarrassment... as many of us were going through the Durban July pictures and figuring out which celebrities were the best and worst dressed this time around, Thando Thabethe was looking through her own pictures and she came across what we can only describe as a big surprise.

The presenter was snapped alongside fellow entertainer, Lunga Shabalala but the former Selimathunzi host didn't realise that someone/something else was making a guest appearance in his pants if you catch our drift...

Guys are often encouraged to wear "skinny fit" clothing in order to rock threads that complement their bodies. On the one hand, a tight fit definitely accentuates your muscle structure but nobody ever explains some of the less desired side effects. Case in point: Lunga Shabalala.

The presenter and model was left blushing out of embarrassment when Thando Thabethe exposed him for getting stiff at the most inconvenient moment during the Durban July. What's worse still, his extremely tight-fitting pants made it impossible to hide his "hard" situation. Oh Dear!

Thando teased her fellow presenter when she shared the following picture on social media - and worse still, she encouraged her followers to "Retweet when they see it":

Let's just say it wasn't hard to miss what she was talking about and as soon as a few followers caught on, the post raked in over 2,000 retweets (probably more by the time you read this!) and Thabooty's followers were not shy about teasing Lunga for his awkward situation.

While some fans were laughing at Lunga, others could not help but admire his "gift".

Lunga should not feel too embarrassed as he's not the only celebrity to experience such an involuntary bodily actions. Less than two months ago many of us were giggling as the same thing appeared to happen to Thomas Mlambo on live television.

Gents, what advice do you have for your comrades when this awkward situation arises?

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main image credit: @thando_thabethe