Sphaka N: Life After Microwave Boys

Sphaka shares his latest ambitions with ZAlebs

By  | May 21, 2020, 05:00 AM

Sphakamiso Ngonyama is one of the hottest young names in South African entertainment right now. Having established himself as one part of the now-defunct Microwave Boys, Sphaka is hellbent on finally carving a space in the industry for his unique range of talents.

He's presented for Vuzu and Zkhiphani; worked with some of the country's biggest brands and also made up one part of the Microwave Boys trio before the group's existence came to a dramatic end this year.

Now he's ready to take all of his learnings and experience to the next level as a solo content creator and ZAlebs was on hand to be the first to hear his full range of plans.

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We kicked off our chat by disussing his current work outside of his influencer and content creator personas: his work as a producer for one of the biggest names in television. Sphakamiso kicked off our chat by not only telling us he had had the chance to go home early that day (FOMO...) but also that he was loving the work he was doing. He said:

"I'm currently work on Vuzu and behind the scenes too. So I'm re-educating myself and learning the ropes of television production and have reached the point where I am entrusted with producing inserts and promos. It's something that I have always valued and I am using this experience to learn and grow as much as possible."

His work is reaching farther and wider than ever before. We wanted to see if we could squeeze an answer out of him when we asked if he had any big plans he could share for 2019:

"Well I can't say too much about my plans for the rest of this year but I can definitely reveal that I have got something up my sleeve with Comedy Central. I won't reveal too much but it's likely to be dropping in the last few months of this year. I also have a few more deals and once they are ready to be shared, ZAlebs will be the first to know."

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Fair play! Well, one thing we were keen to touch on was his plan to return to the YouTube space. The Microwave Boys chapter is about as done and dusted as it comes and a little birdie informed us that Sphaka was ready to venture out on his own:

"Wow how did you know about that? That's not public knowledge but since you brought it up -- look, since the Microwave Boys early episodes, I always knew I wanted to do something solo and this YouTube channel has always been a big thought in my mind. And now we are approaching a time when I can make it a reality but you are most likely to expect it in 2020."

With the world at his feet, we wondered if his feet were itching to cover more of the world -- certainly in a professional sense. The presenter revealed that although he was keen on expanding, his interests were largely on the continent. He said:

"Actually, my plans don't really involve going "international" or global. I'm really focused on what I'm doing here in South Africa and I would love to continue with the work I've done. I've also got my sights on the continent and that would be a great next step. "

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We couldn't help but end our conversation by touching on the stories which had dominated social media in recent weeks: the constant accusations of exploitation in our industry by artists against production houses. As someone who has been both a presenter and a producer, Sphaka had some wise words to share:

Well the thing is I think when you speak out like that it sends the wrong kind of message for your brand. People start to think that if you say anything like that, oh something might go wrong and this dude is going to blast us on social media. I have to be honest, there are stories I could tell you - stories for another day - about people who still owe me money. BUt instead, I keep it moving. So I don't know if this is the right way to go about it for me.

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