Somizi's Alter Ego Makes An Appearance

If you thought Somizi was OTT, you haven't met Gigi!

By  | Mar 19, 2020, 11:17 AM

If you were slightly confused scrolling through Somizi's recent Instagram pics, you're not alone...

Somizi's drag alter ego Madam Gigi made an appearance on the gram and we have to admit - we were shook by the transformation!

Somizi revealed the flamboyant drag queen made a stop at the Feather Festival over the weekend in which she performed several songs to a screaming crowd.

Sis came to slay in her glam look. Gigi worked not one, but three sexy mini-dresses which showed off her legs for days!

Of course her make-up and weaves were totally on fleek too (we expected nothing less from her or Somgaga for that matter).

What a stunner!
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Sadly, the Idols presenter revealed that Gigi would be hanging up her MIC after this final performance, but that "she's open to a TV show one day".

Gigi's appearance came shortly after Somizi shared a moving post about his 'unapologetic uniqueness'

Somizi showed off pics of a glamourous gold suit - a recreation of his Durban July outfit - in which he reacted to critics who mercilessly mocked him.

He wrote; "Lesson 101 kids. Always stay true to who you are. The universe responds better to authenticity and genuineness.

Somizi spoke of how he was bullied over the look: "Most loved the look. They called it a  showstopper. OTT. Very SomG. Whilst some hated it. Saying it looked like a tent. Even made memes."

But despite the mockery, Somgaga had a 'look at me now moment'.

He concluded: "Well darling my unapologetic uniqueness paid off. Someone saw an idea. Look at me now. It was so nice we had to do it twice. Paper darlings. Guapp."
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Who cares what the haters say, we think he looks fab!

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