Flame And Ex-Girlfriend Throw Major Shade At Each Other

Can't they just let things go?

By  | Oct 14, 2021, 10:34 AM  | Lesego "Flame" Mnyandu  | Relationships

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Ashleigh Ogle has thrown major shade at her ex boyfriend, rapper Flame and things did not end well for her. According to Ashleigh, dating South African rappers is a very low move and she is speaking from experience.

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“ONLY dizzy girls date rappers in South Africa. I was one of them, never again. You can’t be broke, homeless and a rubbish all at the same damn time, choose 1” she said, in her now deleted tweet.

But for Flame, real name Lesego Mnayndu, "industry grannies" are a joke. "We laugh at stupid industry grannies this side," he tweeted.

Why is he calling her an industry granny? Well Ashleigh has been in the game for almost 2 decades and is still apparently battling relevancy. She will never ever date a rapper again as her experience was not nice.

They broke up after she cheated on him and it was messy. It was all started by his former on and off friend A Reece who exposed the cheating scandal on a song. "What you expect to hear when niggas ask me about Flame?...I was there before the money, she would never say the same...How could you stick around and let her have her own way?...She even go as far as throwing dirt on my name...How you let her come between us and the records that we made?"

Confirming the news, was J Molley's manager who did not appreciate Flame involving himself in the beef between Molley and Big Hash.  "So @FlvmeSA got involved cause I told him that his girl is actually OUR girl. Funny Bro I told you imma show you the rest of the videos she sent me in person why’s it weird now ?!" he tweeted and brought the receipts with him.

Even though they do not get along now, at some point Flame wanted her back. "Broke My Heart Like Twice , You Double Crossed Me...She Prolly Come Around , Soon As I Settle Down," he tweeted but his fans talked him out of it.

They had been involved in a few twars, which were caused by Ashleigh apparently not wanting to give Flame his assets. Ashleigh hit back and said, “Lit up a splif and float away baby.  Leave the past alone! You could never get over things, like the baby. Move on boo, if you ain’t saying it to me you ain’t saying it to nobody coz I don’t listen to the music anymore, I pay people for that!

“Really lame that you can’t keep me out the music, so tired of hearing lies nigga when you gon' tell the truth.”

Flame was last in a twar with Emtee over who is bigger than the other. Emtee clapped back by saying he does not want to compete with anybody, he just wants to make music and raise his children.

"I asked a simple question. WHO MAKE BETTER HOOKS THAN ME? Never said I’m better than anybody or compared myself to anybody. Yall lil boys carry on competing. I’m making music n raising my kids," he said.

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