#NyanNyan: Melani And Willard's Marriage Shook The Masses!

Viewers believe Melani has endured too much abuse from hubby.

By | Feb 26, 2020, 08:26 AM

The chronicles behind Melani and Willard Dewa's marriage had many viewers in their feelings!

Last night's edition of the much loved reality show, Nyan Nyan earned a trending spot on Twitter. Many were shook to the core, after the details surrounding the Dewas had been put on blast. However, it was Melani who many were worried about the most.

Melani Dewa is a young woman, who wrote into Nyan Nyan, with the intention of utilising the platform, to express her true feelings and thoughts regarding her abusive and inconsiderate husband, Willard.

Incidents of high sex drive, infidelity, all forms of abuse, were levelled against him.

Although, Melani was in a traumatised and depressive state, she still had no intentions of leaving her husband. This part totally confused and riled up most viewers, who believed that she must  consider making exit moves before its too late.

The streets of Twitter were ablaze with bouts of comments regarding last night's installment of Nyan Nyan.

Main Image Credit:Facebook/@nyannyan