Exclusive: Lasizwe Speaks About The Return of His Show And His Baby Character

There is so much to look forward to in his 20-plenty.

By  | May 27, 2020, 02:05 PM

Larger-than-life Youtube sensation turned reality TV star, Lasizwe Dambuza has carved out an impressive career in the world of the arts, since his rise to stardom. The YouTuber, who has Mzansi eating on the palm of his hands has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Lasizwe never ceases to amaze us, with his Youtube skits, which are proving to be the content that the masses signed up for. In an exclusive interview with ZAlebs, the Fake It Until You Make It reality show star, confirmed that his show is coming back, after two impressive seasons.

The reality show is constantly dominating the Twitter trends list and clearly it has captured the hearts of many ordinary South Africans, because of his flamboyant and funny personality. Speaking to ZAlebs Lasizwe said, this season will be more thrilling and it will have viewers thoroughly entertained.

Lasizwe recently raised eyebrows, when he attended the prestigious DSTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards with a fake baby bump. This had some people convinced that, he was venturing into a new chapter in his life.

He said viewers will be able to see this new journey of him with the baby once the reality show returns."This season will be more about the growth, evolution and the relationships, I have developed. You will see the baby and the world will see what the baby means to me, and why I decided to embark on this journey" he said.
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Lasizwe said they started shooting the new season around February and March but, after the nationwide lock-down announcement, they had to stop filming.
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He said Cedric Fourie is not part of this new season. When ZAlebs asked why? He said viewers will have to watch the show to see why he is gone.
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It is no secret that Lasizwe is a workaholic of note, homeboy will also dabble as an entrepreneur with the launch of his line of limited-edition sneakers. Lasizwe said there is an uncertainty of when he will release them due to the lock-down "My shoes are made in China, but with the pandemic of Covid-19, they had to stop with the production."
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He said now they cannot be imported to SA. Lasizwe said he wants to check the market first, and the demand of the shoes, before he can collaborate with stores to sell them.

Speaking about his future plans in 20-plenty, he said we can look forward to more of his growth , "In 2020 you can expect a lot of brand growth, I'm stepping into different fields as I am an essential worker now, I want to become a master in what I do, I feel like I've done much to teach and learn, now it's time for me to spread my wings."

He said he has 2 movies that are coming soon, that he starred on "I have two movies coming soon. I never wanted to be an actor, so it was challenging because it was a big production, and there is no room for time wasters, everything happens fast, unlike the YouTube side where I do things, at my own pace"

Lasizwe said his biggest 2020 wishlist, is to host award shows because he feels like there is so much that he can bring to the table, and there is a lot of things that SA has not seen from him.

He said, he will release the date of the return of his show once the lock-down is over.

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