Joe Kazadi Lands A New Acting Role

He joins SA's top soapie

By  | Nov 25, 2021, 12:32 PM 

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Congratulations are in order for TV hearthrob Joe Kazadi, who has bagged a new acting role in one of Mzansi's top soapie.

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According to Phil Mphela, the actor has joined eTV's popular soapie Scandal. No further details about his role have been announced.

Joe is well known for portraying the character of Thabiso on The Queen. His role used to spark a heated debate on rape. Speaking about how he prepared for the role on Power 987 he said, "It's a big role and  a lot of women are facing this rape thig, so when you playing it make sure you are representing all the good men out there. I just get into character and become Thabiso."

He said he had to go on therapy after shooting the rape scene. "After I did the whole rape scene, I had to go for therapy to just clear myself out. Such character ca play with you as a person .With all the audience calling  me a rapist out there, it could stay in my head. I had to make sure that I go and fixe myself," he stated.

The actor who has a daughter is constantly inundated with question whether he is a a single father. Joe doe not usually share much about his baby mama which results in fans pestering him with questions.

Taking to his Instagram stories to vent he asked. “Why is it so hard for people to believe that a single dad can stay with his daughter even if the mom isn't there?” On his baby mama, Joe revealed that he is no longer with her. “I hope that this finally clears up (any confusion). I stay with my daughter, all alone. There's no woman in this house. I am a single father. I hope this clips all the chit chat, I'm done and I don't wanna talk about this anymore.”

He said it does not mean that just because him and his baby mama have called it quits, he should stop fulfilling his daddy responsibilities. “It doesn't mean if your relationship with the mother didn't work you should stop being a responsible father. It is your responsibility as a man to look after your own .. whether your relationship works out or not.”

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