Sphelele Khune Gets Dragged For Not Showing Her Daughter's Face

Social media is doing the most..again.

By  | May 23, 2020, 02:10 PM

Celebs have been hiding their children's faces for a very long time. Although we have now seen them, for the longest time Jessica Nkosi and Linda Mtoba both kept their daughters away from the limelight.

Well, some celebs can get away with being private and others can not. Soccer star Itumeleng Khune's wife Sphelele has come under fire for not showing her baby's face.

Zenande who was born earlier this year and the pride and joy of her parents, is always being paraded on social media. However her parents have decided to keep her face hidden.

Fans apparently feel entitled to see the 3 month old. Some have called Sphelele a copycat for following in the footsteps of other celeb moms while others are branding her a budding diski diva.

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Check out a few of the mean remarks from her comments section.

Mara Dj zinhle uyi caleleni lento yok'fihla ingane bona manje abo copy n paste bayak' landela..

Why not showing the face? 🤔 made me wonder the use of posting the picture

Ngcono ngba ufihle umuntu omuhle😂 mese evela ngeke begxeke lutho🙌

Ayi why do u hide babbies mara it becoming a fashion?

Uzenza celebrities, diski dive encane😂

Main Image Credit: Instagram