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A look at the star's sense of style

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 03:01 PM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Fashion

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Boitumelo Thulo has really come a long way. She started off as the cute awkward girl in that infamous Wimpy ad and took no time to become one of the country's most talked about personalities.

Boitumelo, better known now by her childhood nickname Boity, is an actress turned presenter turned rapper. Along the way she's had everything from  headline hogging relationships to lucrative brand ambassadorships attached to her name. But she only ever comes out bigger than ever!

One thing, though, that Boity has struggled with consistently in the past is her fashion. Her looks have gotten her attention for all the wrong reasons. But recently, given her new rap career, Boity stepped up her fashion game.

Here are a few tip and tricks to Boity's style.

Sky High Slits
As the star that she is, she has to attend a lot of events. Boity has figured out that her now iconic set of curves limit the gown silhouettes she can wear with eaze. Obviously, Boity would look flawless in anything but comfort is key. If you have these body proportions then a slit is actually useful,
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Any girl's favourite secret weapon is a good pair of high-waist pants. They are  flattering comfortable and automatically suck in any mokhaba situation you may have. Boity understands her figure and has collected the greatest collection of these pants so that we never catch her slipping again.
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Bikini Bawdy
We poor people imagine that the best part of being rich is always being able to go on holiday. Judging from Boity's instagram, we're right. The starlet is never too busy to jet off to her favourite beaches. Meaning she has a bevy of fire swimsuits on hand at all times. With a body like hers, though, you can't even blame her.
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On Stage
With a new career path comes a whole new wardrobe. The more songs she releases and stages she performs on, you can see her confidence grow. Boity unleashes all her inner confidence on that stage and only wears looks that take a great deal of confidence to pull off.
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