Zodwa Wabantu Accused Of Being A Predator

She and Somizi are said to be preying on young boys

By  | Jan 05, 2022, 07:41 AM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Drama

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There is no denying that Zodwa has never been a newbie where controversy is concerned. Time and time again, we have seen the exotic dancer doing the unthinkable and this time, someone has decided to call her out on her ways.

Taking to Twitter, a tweep has taken to accuse Zodwa and choreographer Somgaga for allegedly being predators, saying that their victims happen to be young boys. They also went ahead to say that the reason no one ever wants to talk about these two being predators is because Somgaga is is gay and Zodwa is a woman.

The tweet of course has attracted quite the reactions with many divided as to whether these allegations are true or not. 

Zodwa, who has been known for dating younger men than her, has never really been apologetic about this fact, and so many remain wondering, is that really what makes her a predator?

Taking to the comment section, it seems many are not too happy with the tweet. Some are of the belief that the young boys that Zodwa and Somizi are said to prey upon are not vulnerable and that they have always had the power to say no to anything that they are not comfortable with.

Tweeps have also gone ahead to add that it would be wrong to judge Zodwa and Somgaga, saying that no one was ever forced to date them and that there is no way a 20 year old should be called a young boy for that matter. What do you think?

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And while many are strongly disagreeing with Zodwa and Somizi being ‘predators’, there are those who still seem to agree and are of the belief that the two celebrities are out of line and that they should stop exploiting young men. 

The proof according to those who support the allegations is that Somizi has once been accused of being an abusive lover. As for Zodwa, she loves dating young boys and is also allegedly homophobic, but the only thing people seem to be interested in is her lewd perfomances.

Speaking of performances, just the other day, Zodwa made headlines after she made a no show in Botswana after the organizers of the event announced that Zodwa would not be headlining the show as had been earlier planned. 

Apparently, it was reported that the reason for this was that a warrant had been issued for her arrest following her violation of the laws of Botswana and Humanity Ethics. 

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