Zandie Praises Kelly Khumalo But As A "Fan"

Zandie's always been a "day 1" fan of her sisters

By  | Jul 03, 2020, 02:00 PM  | Zandile "Zandie" Khumalo  | Drama

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Zandie Khumalo may have divorced Kelly Khumalo as her sister but it seems she has not abandoned her as a fan of the award-winning singer.

The Khumalo sister's early this year had quite a messy dispute that landed the two in a legal dispute and with Zandile publicly divorcing her sister but it seems that there is some hope for the two.

Kelly recently released a new single called Empini, which is written and produced by popular and talented music producer Mondli Ngcobo, and it speaks about conquering in love.

Taking to Instagram, Zandi shared a picture of Kelly's new single image and a caption that paid tribute to the award-winning singer but not as her sister but a day 1 fan.

"I am a not posting this as your sister but I'm posting this as a fan from day 1," wrote Zandie.

Zandie had nothing but praise for the work Kelly did on the song as she was left in "awe" of Kelly's talent.

"One would think coz I have been a fan for so long so I know what u are capable of but I will always be in awe of your talent and your ever-evolving sound," added Zandie.   

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The post was filled with nothing but good comments, with many commending Zandie for her kind words to her older sister.

Do you think there is hope for the two sisters to reconcile?

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