Unathi Throws Shade At Sizwe Dhlomo

It does not rain but it pours for Sizwe

By  | Nov 28, 2022, 08:59 AM  | Unathi Nkayi  | Drama

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It doesn't rain but it pours for Sizwe Dhlomo in the midst of his work drama, as he came under scrutiny yesterday, following reports that Kaya FM has dismissed its station manager Sibongile Mtyala, as a result of drama involving him.

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Sizwe is no stranger to working relationship drama and tweeps slowly believe he is the main perpetrator. The seasoned Kaya FM host, who is accused of being a bully and toxic employee has been accused of having played a role in Sibongile's axing.

A couple of months ago, Sizwe hogged the headlines after Unathi Nkayi was given the boot by the station, following reports that she complained about Sizwe's late arrival at work.

Sizwe shared receipts of how Unathi was mistreating her and the station fired Unathi. Twitter users suspect there's more to Sizwe's character than meets the eye, and they wonder why it's always him who fires people at the station.

On Sunday 27 November, Unathi took to her Instagram account to share a picture of her with Melaine Bala where they are seen laughing.  It seems the context of sharing the picture was to throw shade at Sizwe, as the timing was questionable given Sizwe's current status of being labeled a bully.

A fan commented on Unathi's post saying "He is exposing himself sana!! 🤣🤣 I hate him so much!! Unathi commented with laugh emoji's.

Sibongile was reportedly fired for refusing to fire Mpho after Sizwe reported Mpho to the board for her late-coming incidents. 

Following the major backlash Sizwe received, he took to Twitter to set the records straight and penned a detailed thread about what exactly happened between himself and Mpho Maboi. 

Detailing his issues with Maboi’s tardiness. Dhlomo started the thread by explaining that: 

“Okay, let’s correct some inaccuracies… We had a great sports person in Sandile Van Heerden. Amazing guy who always pitched in with the rest of the team we had built to contribute to the rest of the show & station.”

He said he was called into a meeting to inform him that Mpho would be joining the team, meaning that Sandile would be making his way out.

"She asked what I thought about that, I said “no problem, mina I’ll work with whomever you give me”. No reason was given for Sandile’s removal. Okay, cool," he said.

According to Sizwe, Mpho started missing their daily meeting where they prepare for the show a week after joining. "Our show meeting starts at 13:00. It’s something I instituted when I first got to Kaya. Everyone attends & if you aren’t in the building at the time, you can do so virtually. No problem

Mpho started missing those, literally a week after joining our show. It meant she didn’t know what was being discussed, it meant she would sometimes not have a sports trivia prepped on air & that was jeopardising the quality of the show," he said.

Sizwe said he spoke to her twice on record and when she continued, he went to her manager for him to address it.

"She then skipped her manager & called Sbo instead. I then asked why did you remove a person who obviously could deliver for someone who couldn’t?

The following day, HR then tried to send me an email telling me that our show meeting should be moved to accommodate Mpho & that I should no longer be involved in the music department as I had always been. That I shouldn’t be at work from midday anyway. Lol!," he explained.

In conclusion, Sizwe said "I reported that directly to the board, copying both Sbo & HR. The board launched an investigation, staff members came forward to testify & I suppose this is the outcome of it."
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