Toll A$$ Mo Wants Lerato Moloi To Face The Music For False Rape Accusations

He says the allegations have caused immense damage to his brand and personal life

By  | Aug 19, 2022, 07:45 PM  | Drama

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Comedian Mongezi “Toll A$$ Mo” Mahlangu wants model and actress Lerato Moloi to face the music over false rape allegations levelled against him.

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The comedian has broken his silence after news emerged yesterday that he has been fully acquitted of the rape allegation by the court of law. He said the allegations have caused immense damage to his professional reputation and brand and he intends to file a lawsuit against the model.

In a statement he said “On 16 August 2022, I, Mr Mongezi “Tol A$$ Mo” Mahlangu was vindicated and accordingly acquitted of all the charges levelled against me by a South African court of law,” reads the statement.

“I have maintained my innocence despite the false and malicious claims of an alleged rape made by Ms Lerato Moloi, which have caused immense damage to me, my family, my children, my professional reputation, and subsequent loss of livelihood, negatively affected my overall mental health and emotional wellbeing.”

He said he was happy that after two years, the case has been concluded, adding that Ms Moloi fabricated the allegation. He further revealed that he will file a defamation of character lawsuit against her.

“As such, I am currently pursuing charges of slander, defamation of character, as well as malicious prosecution against Ms Moloi. [I am also pursuing] civil charges to cover the total legal costs incurred, and comprehensive loss of income suffered during this time.”

Mahlangu hinted that he would also take legal action against the National Prosecuting Authority for malicious prosecution.

“In addition, I will also be pursuing the necessary legal action against the parties responsible. In section 35(3) of the South African constitution, every accused person has the right to a fair trial and, in sub-section (3)(h), the right to be presumed innocent and to remain silent.”

He noted that although he condemns gender-based violence and has the outmost sympathy and empathy for real victims, he won't sit down and let someone tarnish his reputation.

“False and malicious allegations of this nature are a serious issue and can negatively impact people’s lives in the long run. Due to Ms Moloi’s defamatory and false claims, my family has suffered the most – I was forced to make drastic decisions to ensure the safety of my wife and children,” he said.
Lerato Moloi reacted to the court of law's judgement. She slammed those who are dragging her ''Undeniable sadness, seeing rape apologists & enablers carry on as they do...

She further expressed her gratitude to those who are rallying behind her. "Love through wonderful earth angels' support overriding it,'cause there's a silver lining - a hope the predator won't rape or assault any more of us ever again! Issokay, keep going..."

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