Somizi's Medical Disaster Leaves Mzansi Howling

The doctor was not wrong, though

By  | Jan 14, 2022, 04:12 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Actor Somizi Mhlongo is undoubtedly a hilarious man; he often regains his fans and followers with some funny escapades. But his most recent story has to be one of his top ten.
The actor recently took to Instagram to talk about his latest doctor's appointment. Apparently he went to see his doctor because he was experiencing leg and chest pains.

In the era of Covid-19 of course he thought he had the virus, so he needed to get tested and ensure he was safe. He also needed his toe taken care of because it hurt. But the whole visit was a disaster from start to finish. 
First of all, the nurse he found there was different from the one he's used to. The new nurse was not used to run ins with celebrities and seemed flustered to have met Somizi. 

As he tells the story, she was shaking the whole time as she tried to inject him. As you can imagine this was not encouraging for the choreographer because you expect your nurse to be stable handed as she sticks a needle in you.
She finally managed to get it together long enough to do her job, but Somizi's visit would only get more eventful. He finally went in to see the doctor worried that his Covid results would come back positive or he'd find out there's something really wrong with him. 

He was cleared of the virus almost immediately, but that left the worry about his two. As he approached the doctor with concern to us whether the two pains were because of arthritis or some other serious illness he was met with the shocker of his life. 
The doctor looked him straight in the face and said it was not a crisis and there was nothing wrong with him, just old age. Ouch! There he was feeling very vulnerable and the doctor just slapped him with "You're old" in his face. 

Somizi says he is now looking for a new doctor because he cannot handle the negativity from his current doctor. I mean we can empathize, because I would certainly do the same. 
His celebrity friends as well as his fans have poured into his comments to laugh. While we all understand that it was shocking and kind of heartbreaking to get that news, she is just such a brilliant storyteller that we can't help but chuckle. 

We sure hope his toe gets better soon. He lives such an active lifestyle and we're sure the pain would stop him from playing tennis. Either way we are glad it's not arthritis,nor Covid, nor anything more serious. We love SomGaga and cannot wait to enjoy his stories for many more years to come. 
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