Sjava's Dinner Date Gets A Lot Of Attention From Tweeps

Where is his wife when other wives are cooking for him?

By  | Jul 19, 2020, 09:47 AM  | Sjava  | Drama

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Sjava had the Twitter streets side-eying him when he posted about having enjoyed the dinner cooked by the hands of his friend’s wife. The rapper thanked the family for the meal that he enjoyed on Twitter and of course the tweeps were ready with their questions.

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The first was why was the musician tweeting about the dinner in the AMs, raising the question when did the dinner end. Sjava addressed the matter with a spicy comeback, explaining that tweeting about the dinner in the AMs does not mean the dinner ended a few minutes ago.

However, another question that did not get the attention nor the answer that it needed was where is Sjava’s wife when he is having dinner cooked by other people’s wives. We have not seen the wife since she rocked up at his concert and automatically turned Lady Zamar into side-chick.
Image credit: Instagram @sjava_atm
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