Sizwe Dhlomo vs Vusi Thembekwayo At It Again

Yet another twar for the frenimies

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 02:26 PM  | Sizwe Dhlomo  | Drama

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Ting! Ting! 

That is the sound of yet another boxing match between zaleb type friends or was it foes? Either way, we're logging in for the drama-because we like things of course.

This time the twar was all about throwing shade because all rounder media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo and businessman Vusi Thembekwayo got into a heated exchange after Vusi posted a watch, with intent to "humble brag" but the humble part went straight out the window when  Sizwe called his flex a fake.

Sizwe may as well add "Geppetto" to his resume because he's just toying with people's emotions-and in public? Shoo!

But Dlhomo didnt come firing without reciepts. Some who agreed with Dlomo, were able to come to the conclusion that Vusi's watch was in fact...not the real McCoy. And once the "experts" of social media verified their findings, Dhlomo in true Twar fashion, continued to drag Vusi.

It seemed like Vusi was really trying to be the "bigger man" in this situation but we all know that once feathers are ruffled- it's kind of hard to get them unruffled again.

Initially, Vusi didn't comment and instead opted to delete the post but soon thereafter he engaged Sizwe and even implied that his "trolling tendencies" reflected badly on his parents.

Did Vusi just say, 'Yo, Mama?"

Obviously, Sizwe was not going to let Vusi have the last word, especially after Vusi dragged his parents into the debacle.

I guess those cut into the spirit that is Thembekwayo because shortly after Vuyi released a statement.

What a wow! Maybe Vusi should've just released the tweet because it probably  would've saved him the embarrassment.

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