Rami Chuene Says Alcohol Abuse Is Everyone’s Problem

“Alcohol abuse is everybody’s problem, not a ‘poor’ problem”

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 05:32 PM  | Rami Chuene  | Drama

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South African actress, Rami Chuene, has something to say about those queuing in line for a trolley full of booze. Since the reintroduction of alcohol came into play on Monday, 1 June 2020, the public has remained conflicted on whether it was a good idea or not. 

Rami’s issue did not come with the selling of alcohol, but with a certain high-income earner’s opinion of how black people opt to spend their money. She referred to comments made by some about how the low-income citizens have chosen to spend their money on alcohol, because of alcoholism. Rami was quick to defend the low-income community by stating, “Alcohol abuse is everybody’s problem, not a ‘poor’ problem. Some of you with high paying jobs are functional alcoholics. Your PA’s run behind you with mints. Expensive whiskey in your offices then you come out here and cry about a queue? Then call your fellow Blacks ‘them’? Wow.”

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