Prince Kaybee Explains Reason For NaaKMusiQ Drag

It did not come from nowhere, but the DJ was just bidding his time.

By  | Sep 20, 2020, 01:21 PM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

South Ahh we might owe Prince Kaybee for dragging the man for filth for calling out Anga “NaakMusiQ Makubalo on Twitter again, and again delivering some of the best claps to date in celebrity feuds.

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This weekend had our celebrities coming out in full force to keep us entertained on these social media streets. But nothing came left-field like the unexpected continuation of the feud between Prince Kaybee and NaakMusiQ. Prince Kaybee in what was an unexpected turn of events took to Twitter and dragged NaakMusiQ comparing the disappointing performance of the new BMW SUV model to Anga’s career.

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As their fight intensified and the “Hosh” hit maker clap backed so hard that NaakMusiQ had to resort to the own-race-own-pace rhetoric, Prince Kaybee was dragged by tweeps. On the timeline social media users went back to referring to Prince Kaybee as “Princess Kaybee.” They went to drag him for filth suggesting that the producer and DJ continually uses his wealth and achievements as a way to always win an argument on social media, continuing with the suggestions that he is always the instigator.
But Prince Kaybee has explained his side of the story as more of his devoted fans expressed their disappointment at the post. Explaining his side, Prince Kaybee stated that he was only doing what NaakMusiQ did a couple of weeks ago by referencing him as he did too. The only difference is that NaakMusiQ does not trend, and Prince Kaybee does hence the backlash.
But there were others  during the height of the all the shenanigans that attempted to catch on the wave too. First it was DJ Maphorisa who is like what  Casseper Nyovest is to AKA. The one half of the Scorpion Kings took to social media to try and added some spice to the situation. But unfortunately, as with many of the posts by Phori, English let him down resulting in tweeps dragging him for being a square among circles.
Speaking of Cassper Nyovest; he too attempted to get in on the action. But Cassper’s gripe was not with Prince Kaybee this time around, but with DJ Tira. D Tira was one of the first people to get involved in the fight suggesting a boxing match between Prince Kaybee  and NaakMusiQ.  Cassper was in his feelings because he felt that Tira was attempting to ride the wave that he and AKA created. Mufasa was so much in his feelings that he was ready to fly back to Johannesburg to get in the ring next weekend.

Image credit: Instagram @princekaybee_sa
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